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Apr 5, 2021

Bridging the gap between men and women feels as though it is a mission of mine. Having conversations that are not necessarily comfortable about the wounding and dysfunction that so often shows up in intimate and romantic relationships is a topic that needs to be spoken about. 

Today’s episode is a beautiful conversation about soul partnership, true love, the path of intimacy, the essentialness of individual inner connection, and the messy and less-than-sexy truth of enlightened partnership. 

I feel that I can boldly state that everyone wants to be in a loving relationship. When we begin to enter into adulthood there is a picture that we are presented of what that is "supposed" to look like. The work that it requires to co-create that deeply loving partnership is left out of the conversation. Things inevitably become challenging, our patterns and wounding emerges, and one or both flee the scene (hence the skyrocketing number of divorces). 

Spending an hour in conversation with this beautiful couple in their authentic vulnerability touched me deeply. The depth that they were able to share in their own experiences of soul partnership, love and relationship, as well as their incredible awareness and ability to articulate the ingrained patterning that so many men and women struggle with was a gift to my heart, and I hope to yours as well.  


Alexandre & AlyonaAlexandre Jodun and Alyona Kobevka are a married couple and the voices behind A Healing Bridge. They are holistic therapists and facilitators who offer experiential therapies for seekers and sensitive individuals who are yearning to go deeper on their path of psychospiritual healing and development. Their approach bridges process-oriented and transpersonal psychology, with earth-based spirituality and animist perspectives - providing an integrative framework when working with the unfolding of the soul.

In practice, they support and guide individuals to reclaim their body as a home of wisdom, retrieve their personal power that has been lost due to trauma and abuse, and cultivate their internal capacities that are needed to embody their authentic, soul-rooted path.

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