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Jul 6, 2022

My guest this month is Casey Stevens, a Licensed Psychotherapist, Master Certified Consciousness Coach and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist based out of Seattle, Washington. 
Casey and I crossed paths in the wild world of social media and I was immediately drawn to her grounded and authentic presence, her aligned and very clear wisdom, and her ability to articulate the human experience through her words. It was a privilege and honor to talk with her about many amazing topics including: Consciousness, Ancient Energy Medicine and Healing, Quantum Healing, Organizing Energy Patterns, and Integrative Psychology.  

We had a beautiful and fascinating conversation, rich with valuable and applicable gems of insight and wisdom for all of humanity.  
Casey StevensCasey Stevens has over a decade of clinical practice working with thousands of clients worldwide. She is a Licensed Psychotherapist, a Master Certified Consciousness Coach and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Beyond that, her intuition and healing abilities allow her to feel client’s unique energy patterns and adapt tools and techniques to support optimal organization for the precise needs of each soul.

Casey offers a unique combination of behavioral sciences, psycho-education, quantum physics, clinical psychotherapy, intuitive energy practices, ancient medicine techniques and mystical studies to not only help, but to guide her clients to true somatic embodied healing.

Casey uses a blend of traditional and holistic psychologies to restructure non-productive patterns honoring the complex and multidimensional layers of the human experience, helping clients to make radical transformations through conscious awakening.

Her specialized organic process includes: Invitation, Presence, Attunement, Release, Restructuring, Initiation, Activation and Fortification.

Over the span of Casey’s career she sweetly integrated being clinically trained and mystically guided, blending her practical psychology studies and her intuitive ability, listening deeply to the unseen to find equilibrium in all systems.

Casey bridges the worlds of science and spirituality in the realm of human behavior and consciousness. Her vision for transformation and expansion guides luminous Divine intelligence and the pathway to wholeness. Through her holistic and clinical interdisciplinary approach, Casey works to guide clients towards cultivating a deep connection with their sacred inner wisdom so they may lead an awakened, meaningful life.

Currently, Casey is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in Seattle. She's a Consultant, Mentor and Coach working with individuals, couples, families, organizations and businesses throughout the world. Her clients include those individuals and groups who seek to shift deep unconscious patterns limiting their highest potential. Her clients are deeply invested in understanding the multidimensional consciousness within Self, relational frameworks, and larger community systems to heal organically. Some of her favorite work comes from immersive sessions where time and space don’t limit healing; instead clients can access their unlimited potential by deepening into the complex framework of their psyche and soul’s blueprint. Casey also offers quantum channeled guided meditations accessing and transforming the subconscious. 

Learn more about Casey's work on her website,, schedule a free appointment with her, and follow her on Instagram.