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Feb 2, 2021

This week's guest is a very special man and true champion and advocate for women, David Gaines. David joins us from my hometown of Cincinnati. We were connected last year through a mutual friend around the International Women’s Day event that David was organizing.

David has been called a "bonus woman" throughout his life, is a social entrepreneur, business owner, podcast host, father of 2 boys, and a husband and partner. He is a wealth of knowledge and information and shares from his heart about why he chooses to advocate for women and what other men can do to meet women in their truth.


David GainesDavid Gaines is the CEO and Chief Visionary for La Terza Coffee, a full service coffee resource that provides the highest quality coffee for consumers, and equipment and education for restaurants and coffee shops.

Nearly everyone who comes to La Terza who wants to open a coffee shop has a love for coffee, but the driving passion behind why they want to start a coffee shop is this idea of a community. Most owners are asking, “How do I create safe spaces where people can actually have healthy dialogue with one another?” We don’t have to look very hard to see that as a society, there are so many hard conversations we need to have but we do not have the tools to have them.

Community minded businesses are needed now, more than ever! However, encouraging people to gather around for a drink and stay for healthy conversations can be a difficult business model. Providing business support has been the heart of La Terza Coffee, and now, it is the catalyst for why David wanted to launch the Third Place podcast.

There are so many ways all businesses can participate in helping bring conversational and communal health to those we interact with - from our customers, to our communities, our employees and even with our competition. David can’t wait to explore how we can all use our businesses to improve our social health!

David lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife Beth, and their two young sons, Parker and Lincoln.

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