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Feb 9, 2021

Embodiment has become an overused term in the world of wellness, movement, yoga, women's work, and even men's work. When we live a life of embodiment, we are choosing to live from a place of authenticity and acceptance. Life becomes our platform for growth and empowerment.  

No matter what has unfolded in our lives, what the current events are, we can choose to drop deeply into who we are and build that inner muscle of strength. We can choose to embody who we are from our truth and live life in alignment with that truth.  

This episode is a candid conversation about my journey through single motherhood, raising a special needs child alone, creating an impactful and empowering career, the comparison trap, and embracing the whole of life through embodying exactly who I am.  


Alison Rothman MA CYT, is a Body-Centered Coach utilizing her extensive studies, experience, and first-hand knowledge of the capacity within the human body and spirit to heal. Alison provides clients with the ability to access their inner resources and release debilitating life patterns in order to reclaim their body, mind, and heart connection. In addition to her one-on-one work she speaks, writes, guides, and hosts this lovely podcast. She is a single mama of Kai and lives in Boulder, CO. 

Learn more at and follow Alison on Instagram and Facebook @embodylife.