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Jan 20, 2021

With the outer world swirling unpredictably, it has become more critical than ever to do practices that support attaining inner calm. Connecting to our breath, our bodies, our hearts, and working with the mind create the platform for doing just that. Today’s episode is an offering, a guided practice, to ground and calm oneself so as to come into the present moment and meet these days embodied and awake.   
Note: This is a unique episode as it is a guided practice rather than a conversation. Please carve out some time and space in quiet to fully experience the benefits of this. 


AlisonAlison is passionate about supporting her fellow humans in their evolution and in learning how to navigate treacherous times with the whole of who they are intact.  

Her latest offering, The Acceptance Circle for Women, is a holistically-based ongoing group and individual coaching program designed to support women in building resilience and an unwavering sense of inner strength so as to drop deeply into their lives from a place of acceptance. Learn more on Alison's website, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.