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Sep 22, 2020

This weeks guest is the beautiful and inspiring Jacqui Gabel, a natural food chef, chef instructor, and nutrition therapist based in Denver, Colorado. Jacqui shares her incredible story of healing and empowerment and how she landed in the world of food and nutrition.

I love words and language and on her website, Jacqui does an exceptional job at expressing her beliefs around food and eating. She says that food is medicine, connection, and joy. To her, "food is a gateway to a deeper discussion that involves authenticity". With so many struggling with disordered eating and overall discomfort with how to nourish themselves, I feel it's crucial that we have these conversations. I know that you will appreciate this rich and inspiring discussion as much as I did!


Jacqui GabelJacqui Gabel is a trained natural foods chef, chef instructor, and nutrition therapist. Before receiving her training in Denver, she lived in Seoul and traveled throughout Asia as well as South America, where she saw firsthand the magic and benefit of gathering around a table over traditional, home-cooked food. She has a passion for sharing culture through cooking, for child and prenatal nutrition, and for bridging the health well-being equity gap in the U.S. Learn more at, and follow Jackie on Instagram @realfooddesire.