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Oct 4, 2023

We never really know another human's story unless we ask. I have had many interactions with my guest this month on various virtual channels, yet had never fully heard her powerful story. Jennifer is a courageous hero who has transcended extreme trauma and is learning, moment-by-moment to unwind it from a lifetime of CPTSD. I was so deeply moved by her story and profound resilience, I know that you will be too. 

It's moments like these when I know exactly what the purpose of this podcast share the real and raw conversations of this wild human life and break down the barriers of our collective existence. 


Jennifer Parker is an intuitive writer, dancer, and space holder who is passionate about helping complex trauma survivors reclaim their most authentic embodied life. She is the author of the book Secrets of the Resilient Empath and co-creator of Connecting Feeling Healing, a supportive community for healers and creatives. You're most likely to find Jennifer hiking in the woods, blasting dance music in the kitchen, or laughing her head off with family and friends. 

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