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Jul 14, 2020

Have you ever felt as though you are underqualified or unworthy of doing the work that you are doing in the world? Have you ever questioned your abilities or impact on others?

Our guest this week, the lovely Jill Ellen, a Cincinnati based Transformational Coach, dives into the realm of the Imposter Syndrome, the epidemic of disbelief many women have around who they are, and ways in which we can collectively work with these ingrained belief systems. Jill brings tremendous insight, clarity, and awareness to this common syndrome amongst women. Her decades of practice and experience shine and inspire one to take action towards the direction of stepping more fully into the truth of who we are as women.


Jill is a transformational life coach and yogi. She utilizes her knowledge of psychology, mindfulness, and spirituality to help women stop playing small and start cultivating Radical Self-Worth.

One day, after having lived most of her life with a nagging sense that she could never know, do, or BE enough, Jill realized that she wasn’t the only one who felt this way. Nearly all of her female clients shared this same nagging feeling. That’s when she decided that it was time to flip the script.

Now, Jill helps women overcome imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and insecurity so that they can feel confident in their own skin and finally own the truth: that they are MORE than enough.

Learn more about Jill's work at and follow her on Facebook at Jill Ellen Coaching.