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Jul 20, 2020

We never truly know what others have navigated in their lives or their stories. So often we can get into our own swirl and bubble of life, bypassing important connections and opportunities to see and hear others. When we can take the time to make eye contact, open our ears, and soften our hearts to others we have the opportunity to create healing for the whole.  

I am so excited to welcome a truly inspiring woman to the podcast. Precious Kofi has an incredible story to share with us around resilience, finding inner strength, and continuously moving through life with intentionality and a commitment to oneself. 

Precious shares in depth and with so much passion and clarity her journey of pain and challenge, strength, and the true embodiment of transformation.


I'm Precious Kofi, mother of two young children. I was born and raised in South Africa and currently I live in Boulder Colorado and co-parent my children with my ex-husband and his fiance. My professional  background is in television. I started as a TV host/presenter as a teen and very quickly fell in love with the creation and business side of programming. The first show I ever created was
The Precious Show when I was 18 years old and towards the end of my career I closed out with the creation of Precious Africa

My passion is storytelling. Specifically, the telling of African stories by Africans. Currently, I am focused on being present in raising my children and I am also developing a start-up that will give the opportunity for the world to experience African creativity and innovation in a way that is authentic, accessible and globally available.