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Dec 2, 2020

Today’s guest is a very special woman, Amina Knowlan, the founder and director of The Matrix Leadership Institute. For 30 years, Amina has been immersed in the world of group leadership, group dynamics, functional interconnection, and creating pathways for people to connect with each other.  I had the privilege of attending several of her trainings 15 years ago and they significantly imprinted who I am both personally and professionally. 
More than ever, we need to create sustainable, authentic, open-hearted, vulnerable connections with each other and Amina shares her wisdom about this important subject.  She talks about her personal ways of navigating these times as well as what we, as a collective, can do to bridge this extreme gap that we are experiencing in midst of the isolation.  
Amina’s warm heart, bright light, and generous spirit are refreshing during this time of darkness and I know that our conversation is of tremendous value for the whole.  


Amina KnowlanAmina Knowlan, MS co-founded Matrix Leadership Institute in 1990 and is currently its Director. She has been facilitating groups and trainings in cities throughout the U.S. and Europe for 30+ years. Amina also works as a consultant, trainer, facilitator and coach for corporate executive teams, businesses, health care organizations, schools, communities and non-profits. She is the lead trainer in MLI’s publicly offered trainings in leadership and personal/professional development. She considers herself a social artist who incorporates system’s approaches; multi-cultural and diversity training; somatic, psychological and intuitive awareness; as well as dance, movement, voice and practices of mindfulness into her work. She currently works internationally in Sydney, Australia, Singapore and the UK. Amina also partners with Coaching Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. She is currently in the final stage of editing a book on Matrix Leadership. She also leads retreats for women entitled Fully Embodied Woman: Remembering the Sacred Feminine.

Amina's formal background includes an MS in Counseling and Teaching Psychology at the University of Missouri and training from the National Training Laboratories for the Behavioral Sciences. Earlier in her career, she was the director of the Groups and Outreach Programs in Interpersonal and Group Communication at the University of Missouri Counseling Center. She was a trainer for the Hakomi Institute for Body-Centered Psychotherapy for twelve years, and a co-owner and psychotherpaist at Wellspring, Partners in Health (a holistic community medical clinic) for 15 years.

Amina has two adult children and lives in the beautiful mountain foothills of Boulder, Colorado. She enjoys salsa dancing, swimming, gardening, singing and hiking with her dog.