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Aug 10, 2020

Today’s guest, the brilliant Amy Hamilton, and I grew up together from 5th grade all through high school in Cincinnati, Ohio. We have reconnected through the lovely world of social media. She is a psychic, medium, and medical intuitive whom was literally born with this incredible gift to offer the world.

Amy and I scheduled a Zoom call to talk about something completely different and next thing I knew she was communicating with my beloved grandmother and provided me with such deep insight into my personal path and that of my son’s. I am a believer and am thrilled for Amy to dive into her work, how she has navigated these amazing skills, and how she supports others on their life’s journey.


Amy HamiltonLife is filled with so many questions and we are all seeking answers! Amy Hamilton can help provide those answers and guidance in a world that seems so chaotic. Working as a Psychic, Medium and Medical Intuitive over the last 10 years, Amy has provided countless people across the world with direction and connection in their lives. She is able to tap into her divine gifts and provide answers about your deepest questions and concerns in your life.

All of 5’1” Amy looks, sounds and acts like what she is – a soccer and baseball mom with an MBA, so it is even more shocking when she shares such deep insight into peoples lives. She provides insight in a swift, impactful way.

Bring a question or two to the event and gain answers. She is able to channel answers in many areas with a particular focus on what is currently going on with your life, your business and your body.

Along with her intuitive business, A Clearer Path, Amy serves as an Advisory Board member to the Extraordinary Lives Foundation, which support's Children's mental health & wellness, and Amy is a reader at the Dallas Psychic Fair, and is a wife and mom to 2 wonderful boys. Amy resides in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and serves most of her clients through phone appointments.