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Jan 13, 2021

We're starting off 2021 with a new twist to the podcast and our first adult male guest, Jeff James Howard! Jeff is a psychotherapist, mentor, guide and true advocate for men to do their work both as individuals and in the group setting.

My conversation with Jeff is a beautiful beginning to many more in this vein, and I have no doubt that no matter what your relationship status is you will find some juice in our chat.

As the podcast focus opens up to new possibilities around dialogue between men and women, I will continue to hold the space for women primarily in support of their embodiment and empowerment.

I am also fascinated by the relationship between men and women and will, therefore, be offering conversations about this dynamic between men and women in this field with the hopes of breaking down the barriers between men and women and creating the fertile ground for reflection, healing, and authentic connection.


Jeff James HowardJeff is a Somatic Psychotherapist in Boulder, Colorado, who works with men, women, & couples in an emotion-focused, body-centered way. His work centers on relationship—both with self and other— as well as the power of shifting our mindsets around how we participate in our lives to invite more of who and what we want to be in our worlds. He leads men’s groups that focus on sex, intimacy, wound, and sovereignty, and he also co-hosts The Better Bozo: A Podcast for Men.

Learn more about Jeff's work at Three Leaves Counseling, follow him on Facebook and subscribe to The Better Bozo podcast.