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May 4, 2022

This month’s guest is Charissa Sims: a healer, author, spiritual life coach, mom, teacher, and corporate consultant. Charissa shares, with great vulnerability, her journey through cancer and healing herself naturally. It is a profound and inspiring journey to hear and feel. We also dive into the realm of energy clearing and specific techniques to use in the manifestation and co-creation process of this precious life we are living.

Charissa holds such beautiful space for others, and her spirit, love, devotion, and joy exude from her being in our conversation. If you are struggling with any physical sickness or dis-ease, I am positive that you will find great solace in this episode. 


Charissa Sims is the host of the international podcast, “You, Inspired”, #1 bestselling author of Change Your Energy Change Your Life, a bestselling children’s book author, entrepreneur, mom, teacher, corporate consultant, and spiritual healer. She has studied meditation and spiritual healing, and has learned to master her own healing abilities. For over ten years, she has worked as a spiritual healer and has changed people’s lives by getting to the root of their pain and releasing it. Whatever it is: Relationships, Pain, Success, Charissa can help. 

While working with the top Fortune 100 companies for the past 20 years, she discovered the root of pain in the body is not always physical. There may be spiritual and/or psychological issues present that are blocking that person’s ability to heal. In the past, she has been a professor at the University of Southern California. Ms. Sims has worked with Amazon, Google, FOX and many more thousands of companies, non-profits and schools.

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