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Jan 12, 2022

These times have certainly shed light on what's important, what our priorities are, what we are grateful for, and who our tribe really is. This episode is a fun and uplifting chat with two wise women, Grace Ragan and Hope Kleist, who behind the scenes are beautifying and inspiring my business as well as several others. Coming from two different generational experiences in navigating this time of pandemic, while working, going to school, raising a young child, and showing up every day while "leaning into" the opportunities that this time has offered, the wisdom shared in our chat is palpable, real, and relevant.  

I am excited to introduce these two women to you, our listeners, and it feels like a perfect launching pad for this new year to come! 


Hope KleistHope Kleist is a born-and-raised Wisconsinite who moved to Colorado in the summer of 2013. She is a professional artist/maker based out of Fort Collins, with over a decade’s experience in graphic design, illustration, and photography. She loves working with small businesses to develop and build their visual brands with warm personalities and eye-catching elements.

Hope is also a mother and wife whose heart is fueled by slow family living, community, and nourishment. For her, nothing is better than savoring quality time to cook a homemade meal from wholesome ingredients and serving it to the ones you love — providing a space for connection and conversation has always been a passion. 

Learn more about Hope and her work here. Follow Hope on Instagram @hopekleiststudio.

Grace RaganGrace Ragan is the founder of social media agency, Passion Pursuit Marketing, based out of Boulder, Colorado. She has actively worked with clients over the past three years to create brand and marketing strategy that converts, primarily through the use of content creation and leveraging analytics from social media platforms. She has worked with clients across the United States and is eager to continue growing the agency and assisting businesses to achieve their desired growth through the use of smart digital marketing.

Additionally, Grace is a third year student at the Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder, with anticipated graduation in Spring 2023. She will receive a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Marketing, with a minor in Creative Technology and Design. 

Learn more about Passion Pursuit Marketing, and follow Grace on Instagram @passionpursuitmarketing.