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Jul 27, 2020

My guest today is a very special one, my 11-year old son, Kai. I invited Kai onto the podcast to have a chat about being a young person during this time of pandemic, his ways of taking care of himself, and any other words of wisdom that we, as adults, could hear around supporting our children in navigating these wildly uncertain times. 

Kai has been through a lot of transition, uncertainty, change, and upheaval in his young life and I have witnessed his incredible resilience, strength, kindness, compassion, and determination over and over and over again. For those listeners who are just getting to know me, Kai and I have been on our own since he was only 1 year old. For this past decade, we have established a beautiful connection and a very unique mother/son bond. I learn so much from Kai every single day both in watching him move through the world, through our deep conversations, and the deep relationship that we have. I am excited to dive into some rich material here today with Kai and hope that you will all find some value in this very special interview.


Kai Rothman-Davis and Alison RothmanHello, my name is Kai Rothman-Davis. I like skating, biking, snowboarding, playing baseball, listening to music, and reading. This is my first podcast interview and I am really excited about it.