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Feb 23, 2021

This week's guest is Nicholas Whitaker, an incredible man with whom I feel blessed to have connected. Nicholas is a Google executive, a coach, a longtime meditator, and a partner creating ripples in all arenas of his life. His vast impact is felt through educating, guiding, and supporting men to come into themselves through mindfulness and meditation practices, self-awareness and self-reflection, and safe dialogue in community, both on the personal level as well as in the workplace. 
Nicholas opens up some crucially important conversations in the realm of relationship between men and women, the father wound in men, vulnerability as strength, and repairing and making amends for past harm in relationships. 
Nicholas offers ground, ease, and a beautiful articulation of where he feels the gaps are between men and women, and how to come together and mend, heal, and grow. 
A NOTE FROM ALISON: The conversation around men, women, and relationships is a growing and awkward edge for me. Diving into these conscious dialogues feels so crucial and is also not comfortable for me as the host. I fumble in my questioning, become tongue-tied in moments and yet it feels important to not edit out my own humanness and the humanness of this conversation on the whole. It feels to be my mission to bridge these awkward and important dialogues so as to bring us together in harmony.  


Nicholas WhitakerFor the past decade, Nicholas has leveraged the scale and resources of Google to build high impact educational products, programs, and strategic partnerships, reaching over half a million journalists worldwide. As a lead on the People Development team, Nicholas supports individuals and teams with career and personal development programs, and as a gPause volunteer Nicholas offers meditations, workshops, and a podcast on mindfulness, resilience and mental health awareness. 

Outside of his day job, Nicholas supports people struggling with overwhelm, anxiety, distraction, and lack of direction with a mindfulness based coaching program - where clients discover their ability to harness the power of their attention to improve their happiness, productivity, and to make more conscious choices.

Learn more at, and follow Nicholas on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.