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Dec 8, 2021

As we round out another wild and tumultuous calendar year we have the opportunity to remember the power of working with the mind, to reflect on our journey, resource ourselves in our bodies and hearts, and to glean insight and inspiration moving into this year ahead. This episode is an invitation, an offering, and hopefully a respite of connection in this uncertain human terrain. 

Alison opens up dialogue about the crucial nature of working with our minds, how to do so, and poses questions of reflection to dive in to ourselves. Next year, the podcast will open with three months of interviews on relationships. There is no better time than to turn towards ourselves and work within the framework of our relationship to our own selves before turning to another.

Thank you for tuning in month-after-month!  We genuinely hope that our conversations touch you on a deeper and more meaningful level and are supportive in your unique unfolding of this human existence.


Alison RothmanAlison Rothman MA CYT is a Body-Centered Holistic Wellness coach committed to supporting women in tapping into their own inner well of strength and power so that they may navigate life from that place of alignment and integrity in the truth of exactly who they are.

She works 1:1 with women both via Zoom and in person, runs an ongoing women's group (via Zoom), and leads unique and empowering Women's Wellness Retreats. Her next IN PERSON retreat is in April 2022 at Joyful Journey Hot Springs (REGISTER HERE) and her women's group will open to new women beginning in March 2022. To book a 20-minute Clarity Call with her to see if you are ready for this work please go HERE

Learn more about Alison's body-centered holistic coaching services on her website.

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