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Apr 5, 2023

After a short hiatus, I am thrilled to resume Embodied and Awake with a wonderful first guest: Stacey Lynn, a yoga and meditation teacher originally from New York, who relocated to the Boulder area in the height of COVID times. 
Stacey shares a powerful story of dying from cardiac arrest while with her son and his girlfriend, and the impact that this near-death experience has had on her life. This is a heart-full, real, vulnerable, and inspiring conversation, brimming with much wisdom and inspiration for us all. It will leave you hungry to live your life to the fullest.  

Stacey Lynn is the founder & facilitator of SHINE Wellness: a Supportive Healing Inspirational Nurturing Energizing program for children & adults. This project contains tools for self regulation & the highest form of self love. The implementation of SHINE started at a children's hospital in the metro New York area & is now growing in Boulder County, Colorado.

Contact Stacey via email, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.