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Oct 6, 2021

You know those people who simply emanate love? Those whom you can feel are absolutely living in their passion, their purpose, and their most authentic selves? Those women that you are drawn to and are juiced in their presence? My guest today is absolutely one of those women and shares her light so brightly in the world.  

Tara Harbert, aka The Tender Hearted Healer, actress turned Spiritual Empowerment Coach and Tarot reader, is making waves in the world after just one year in business, supporting so many women to turn towards themselves with love and create empowering changes in their lives. I loved our interview as it was a taste of her heartful message and medicine. I was left humming with positive energy, inspired, and open and I have no doubt you will as well.  


Tara HarbertTara is a spiritual empowerment coach and tarot reader based in Sacramento, California. She connects clients to their own inner strength to live connected, spiritually grounded and self-empowered lives with a focus on the heart chakra.

As a theater-based actress-turned-healer, Tara launched her healing practice in September 2020 and has provided connection and community to over 80 clients nationwide. Tara guides clients to move into a sense of ease using her intuitive healing abilities, tarot, and the self-investigator method to give those who encounter her a renewed sense of self.

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