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Aug 19, 2020

We all need connection. These times that we are living in are beyond comprehension and are leaving so many feeling alone, depressed, anxious, immersed in grief, and isolated in their experiences. More than ever we need those safe spaces where we can be authentic, vulnerable, and unabashedly ourselves. Today’s podcast is a conversation about connection, the incredible healing that happens when we are in women’s circles, and is an invitation to dive deep into oneself in community.  


Alison has spent the past many years immersed in facilitating women's retreats and women's groups. She is passionate about bringing women together in a container of safety to open up the possibilities for raw and real connections leading to deep and embodied healing.

Beginning the first week of September and running for 12 weeks, Alison will be offering a weekly Embody Brilliance Women's Group in conjunction with her online coaching program. This is a golden opportunity to deepen into oneself with the support of community. Find more information and register here.