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Mar 29, 2021

I never imagined that I would ever record a podcast about the aftermath of a shooting, in my small, contained, and safe town of Boulder, Colorado. But, here we are. I felt moved to use this platform to connect. To perhaps support one person in resourcing themselves, in feeling less alone in this extreme trauma, grief, and utter shock.  

This episode is a combination of a personal share relating my experiences surviving a shooting, to some guided meditation, to some palpable and embodied suggestions to support oneself, to a bit of a rant about this unbelievable situation that our country is living with. A situation that has landed in my backyard, in a community that I have lived in for 18 years, in a store that I am in often, with people that I know.  

Expect some tears and emotion, some cursing and passionate words, and also some solace for our weary hearts.  


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