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May 3, 2023

My guest this month is Maggie Gentry, founder of Own Your Why, a woman on a mission to humanize the wild world of marketing for entrepreneurs.  She is a thought partner to her clients and works to craft sustainable marketing plans that honor their work and elevate their message.
This conversation was refreshing and humanizing in the realm of entrepreneurship and marketing from a place of authenticity and from the heart. I loved connecting with Maggie and she is truly one of those women who is walking her talk, remaining humble and real, and genuinely wants to support fellow women on the path of entrepreneurship and business to do the same!
If you are an entrepreneur committed to keeping heart and soul alive in your business, this episode is rich with inspiration. 


Maggie Gentry (she/her) believes that heart and intuition are the keys to an impactful business. As the owner of and founder of Own Your Why®, Maggie supports high-conscious entrepreneurs who are ready to scale but don't want to lose their humanity along the way. Maggie aims to become a thought partner to her clients as she helps to craft effective yet sustainable marketing plans that elevate their message and allow their businesses to be a meaningful expression of their gifts and service to the world. Maggie lives in Austin, TX with her cat Waffles and loves a good night in with a library book and a bar of dark chocolate with sea salt.