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Sep 29, 2020

Self-care and building our inner resilience are inextricably connected. By tending to ourselves, in a way that is honoring our internal experience, we create an unwavering inner strength and capacity to ride the waves of life with steadiness, peace, calm, and (dare I say!) JOY.

We are in a pivotal moment of time in the thick of the chaos and uncertainty. Focusing on our own self-care and building resilience have become non-negotiable. This episode of Embodied and Awake dives deep into the realm of self-care and includes a candid and raw dialogue about how to create more opportunities to care for, strengthen, appreciate, and embrace exactly who we are in every given moment.


Alison RothmanAlison Rothman, MA CYT, is a Body-Centered Coach and Women's Wellness Advocate on a mission to support women in cultivating peace within their own bodies, minds, and hearts so as to be of greater service to the whole. She whole-heartedly believes that when we, as women, are moving through the world embodied and awake we have the power to create magic.

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