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Jul 5, 2023

Midlife does not need to be a time of crisis but rather can provide the platform for incredible awakening on many levels. There are so many layers of the midlife realm of evolving including: body changes, soul purpose and meaning, relationships, parenting teens and budding adults, grief and loss, self-acceptance ....
This month's episode is a solo one and is a deep dive into the waters of being a midlife woman and the opportunity to uncover that deep well of authentic power and aligned integrity during this chapter of life. 
Alison Rothman is passionate about supporting women in stepping fully into who they are while releasing the stories and imprints of who they "should" be. As a fellow woman in midlife, she is on a mission to empower women in this journey of midlife to dig deep into themselves and open to new possibilities of living from a place of authentic and embodied alignment and integrity. 
She works 1:1 with women through navigating 10 Core Layers of her unique body of work (3-month minimum commitment) and runs circles and groups for women of all ages including the virtual Acceptance Circle and the Awakening in Midlife Circle and Therapeutic Coaching Program (beginning in September with both virtual and in person options). 
Awakening in Midlife Program ~ In Person and Virtual Groups and 1:1 Coaching 
Acceptance Circle ~ Virtual for Women of all ages 
Work 1:1 with Alison