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Oct 20, 2020

I am excited to have the opportunity to interview this brilliant and inspiring woman, Carmen Cool, a renowned therapist, speaker, and activist in the realm of body acceptance, eating disorders, and breaking through the systemic entrapments that we are living in. Carmen has had and continues to have tremendous impact in this taboo world of body image and self-acceptance through her work one-on-one with clients, in the group setting through various programs, and her sharing in the realm of public speaking all over the world.   

Our conversation is rich with wisdom, support, and insight into this ongoing peacemaking process and what we can do now, in this very moment, to cultivate a deeper sense of acceptance within our own bodies.


Carmen Cool

Carmen Cool is a politicized therapist, educator, speaker, and activist helping people heal their relationships with food and their bodies.

For the past 20 years, she's been working to dismantle diet culture, support the next generation of body liberation leaders, and shift the psychotherapy profession toward justice.

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