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Oct 13, 2020

Today’s podcast guests, Kristen Dobbs and Amanda Austin, hail from Canada. They are meditation instructors, run wellness- based programs with Wellness on the Farm, and are the hosts of the podcast, The Struggle is Real.
I was drawn to these beautiful women by the ways in which they have named, that wellness looks so many different ways to so many different people. They have truly created the platform for all walks of life to heal and grow and express themselves through their programs and podcast sharing.
Through their own personal journeys, Kristen and Amanda share valuable insight into living a life awake and open to the flow, and how they are supporting others on this wild ride of life.


Kristin Dobbs and Amanda AustinKristen Dobbs and Amanda Austin of Wellness on the farm have spent the last couple of years moving through their own wellness journeys and helping others to start theirs too!

After not finding a community in which they felt they fit, Kristen and Amanda started a community of their own where everyone could explore meditation, sound baths, and healing in their own way, without judgment and with a ton of compassion!

One of the biggest lessons that they have learned to date is that everyone has a story and that by understanding people's stories, we gain so much insight into why people are the way they are! When we really get people, we can truly begin to support them in the most authentic way for them.

It was this understanding and a couple of curious minds that led them to start their own podcast The Struggle is Real where they explore the ups and downs, the messy middles, and the inspiring starts of people’s journeys towards wellness. Through the podcast and their work with Wellness on the farm, they hope to keep normalizing that moving towards wellness can look, sound, and feel so many different ways (it can even have swear words!)

If they aren’t recording an episode of the podcast, you can probably find them hanging out with their horses, hiking, exploring the big topics of the world, or deep in meditation.